Is naturopathic service covered by the MSP?

MSP does not currently cover naturopathic services. However, patients who are on premium assistance patients may receive a subsidy of $23 per visit from MSP for a total of 10 visits per calendar year for any combination of alternative medical practices.


Patients with extended health care plans may use our direct claim service (availability depends on specific plan policy) or submit claims on their own to their insurance companies.

Naturopathic services can also be claimed as medical expenses for personal income tax deduction. 


How are Naturopathic doctors trained?

Naturopathic doctors undergo 4 years of medical school training after a minimum of 3 years of post-secondary education. They are regulated under the college of Naturopathic Physician of British Columbia.


How are Naturopathic doctors different from Medical doctors?

Naturopathic doctors prefer the use of natural and non-toxic substance to support the body’s own healing ability. 

For more information on naturopathic medicine, please visit the British Columbia Naturopathic Association at www.bcna.ca


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